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When I am designing my rings, jewelry, I want my designs to be accessible to everyone. For my pieces to be in-style; to feel good, to look wonderful and fit well. All of my designs are handmade by me in my studio.
Certainly! When selecting a stone for a ring, it’s essential to consider both aesthetics and practicality. Let’s explore some aspects to keep in mind:
Gemstone Selection:
Customer Preferences: Understand your customer’s taste. Are they drawn to vibrant colors, subtle hues, or unique gemstones?
Durability: Consider the hardness and toughness of the gemstone. For everyday wear, opt for harder stones like sapphires, rubies, or diamonds.
Transparency: Decide whether you want a translucent, opaque, or transparent gemstone. Cabochon-cut stones (like the ones you mentioned) are often opaque or translucent.
Color: Gemstones come in a rainbow of colors. Choose one that resonates with the wearer.
Prong Settings:
Classic Prong Setting: This popular choice uses small metal prongs to hold the gemstone in place. Prongs can be rounded or pointed. They allow maximum light exposure, enhancing brilliance and sparkle. Ideal for solitaire rings1.
Bezel Setting: Surrounds the gemstone with a metal rim. Provides excellent protection, making it suitable for active individuals. Can be full or partial. Sleek and modern1.
Channel Setting: Commonly used for wedding bands. Features small diamonds or gemstones set closely together within a channel. Creates a smooth, continuous surface. Versatile and enhances brilliance1.
Wide Bands:
Stability: Wide bands offer stability and balance for larger gemstones. They also allow for creative designs.
Comfort: Ensure the band is comfortable for daily wear. Rounded edges and proper sizing matter.
Metal Choice: Wide bands can be made from various metals—platinum, gold, or silver. Consider the customer’s preference and skin sensitivity.
Unique and Custom Designs:
Collaborate: Work closely with the customer. Discuss their vision, lifestyle, and any specific requests.
Artistry: As an artist, infuse your creativity into the design. Consider asymmetry, organic shapes, or personalized elements.
One-of-a-Kind: Custom-made rings are special. They tell a unique story and hold sentimental value.
Remember, each piece is an expression of art and emotion. Whether it’s a cabochon ring with a double stone arrangement or a gender-neutral design, let your craftsmanship shine!