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Custom-Made Cabochon Rings
Custom-Made Cabochon Rings

Gemstones, like a kaleidoscope of hues, span the spectrum from fiery reds to tranquil blues. Each one whispers a story, etched in time and geology. For me, they are more than mere minerals; they’re cosmic fragments, Earth’s secret treasures.

Prong Settings:
Classic Prong Setting: This popular choice uses small metal prongs to hold the gemstone in place. Prongs can be rounded or pointed. They allow maximum light exposure, enhancing brilliance and sparkle. Ideal for solitaire rings1.

Bezel Setting:
Surrounds the gemstone with a metal rim. Provides excellent protection, making it suitable for active individuals. Can be full or partial. Sleek and modern1.

Wide Bands:
Stability: Wide bands offer stability and balance for larger gemstones. They also allow for creative designs.
Comfort: Ensure the band is comfortable for daily wear. Rounded edges and proper sizing matter.

Metal Choice:
Wide bands can be made from various metals—platinum, gold, or silver. Consider the customer’s preference and skin sensitivity.
Unique and Custom Designs:

Remember, each piece is an expression of art and emotion. Whether it’s a cabochon ring with a double stone arrangement or a gender-neutral design, let your craftsmanship shine!