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Carmen M. Perez - Stoppert
Specializes in sculpture, drawings, and mixed-metals jewelry.
As an artist, I want to capture the energy that I feel when I listen to music. I am drawn to songs that express an emotion or create a connection with the human body. My designs usually begin with a simple line drawing that I sometimes combine with solid or open spaces. Because I am responding to stimulation, my figures become exaggerated and abstract.

Once I have the shape and form, I am totally in the moment, working in my studio surrounded by all my materials and tools. I start hammering, sawing, shaping, sanding, and soldering the different metals together for hours into the middle of the night but still trying to stay true to the spirit of the line drawings.
For me, it is important for the emotions to be transmitted and expressed, in the metal. My focus is the connection of two people as one unit, love, happiness, friendships, and souls who are intertwined with my daily life experiences yet still embodied in the human form.

Carmen M. Perez – Stoppert: a Latina artist; metalsmith; sculptor; educator, I always strive to learn new methods and techniques for personal growth, and to educate and support others. My exhibitions include: expos; galleries; and art fairs. I have created in my studio for over 30 years making art, custom work for clients and teaching students. Am a lover of music, social media, life, travel, friendships, and supporter for justice.

latina@carmenmperez.com www.carmenmperez.com

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Sculpture,Drawing, Jewelry, Mixed Metals