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Container Brass and Silver Pendant
Container Brass and Silver Pendant

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As a jeweler, I embarked on crafting a sterling silver and brass container with a specific purpose: to cradle an object—a delicate flower, in this instance. Let me share the journey of its creation:

Material Selection:
I chose sterling and brass for its warm luster and durability. It is a canvas waiting to hold beauty.

Roll Printing:
The metal yielded to the pressure of my rolling mill, imprinting intricate patterns onto its surface. These patterns tell stories of growth and resilience.

Hammered Texture:
With each strike of my hammer, I added character. The texture became shadows of diverse levels.

Darkening the Metal:
I introduced depth by darkening certain areas and the metal embraced its dual shades—both strength and vulnerability once soldered and darkened.

The final act: I meticulously joined the pieces together. The flame soldered them, creating a vessel—a sanctuary for fragile beauty.

Design Philosophy:
My creations are not just adornments; they are expressions of accessibility and style.I envision them gracing diverse individuals—feeling good, looking wonderful, and fitting seamlessly.

Each piece emerges from my studio, infused with my soul, love and made by my hands.

So, when you hold this silver - brass container, know that it carries more than a flower — it holds dreams, resilience, and the artistry of a jeweler’s heart.