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About this Barbie Doll series: I love and collect miniatures. I had collected vintage miniatures shoes that inspired me to design and make shoe earrings and shoe pendants. I already had a collection of molds that I had designed so when the Barbie movie came out, I cast this collection. All are solid sterling silver, sanded, filed, and polished. I then fabricated the earring hooks also in sterling silver.

Barbie Doll Sterling Silver Shoes
Barbie Doll Sterling Silver Shoes

Why buy plastic when you can have sterling silver? These Barbie doll shoes can fit a Barbie doll, can be worn as earrings or a pendant. They are cast solid in sterling silver.

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When I am designing my pieces, I want my designs to be accessible to everyone. For my pieces to be in-style; to feel good, to look wonderful on, fit or lay well. All of my designs are handmade by me in my studio.

Carmen M. Perez - Stoppert