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Cast solid bronze, marble

The human form has always been the central visual element in my sculpture. I love to exaggerate the human form, which results in most of my images being abstract.
With my latest series of sculptures, I have been working on very simple clean lines but at the same time trying to make my figures as powerful and as strong as I can.
I make simple line drawings, and then I begin to translate the two-dimensional idea into a three-dimensional form. I manipulate various sculptural materials until a satisfactory form emerges. While I am working, I think about the words, shape, energy, and impact that I want to express.
Many times I just want my sculptures to be simple, elegant, and happy, but other times, I go into my inner core, and express the pain, emotions, and feelings with which I struggle.

Estoy Disponible, Solid Cast Bronze, Marble,One of a Kind, Fine Art, Gallery Shows,Carmen M. Perez,
"Estoy Disponible"
"I'm Available"
"5"ht x 2 "w x 1 1/2 " d