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In my studio, I photographed the processes that were needed in making a sculpture from the beginning to the end.

For a sculptor/jeweler, fabrication is a process that builds a form from linear and planer materials (wire and sheet), as well as the process of building upon pre-existing elements such as a casting or even found-objects.

A large variety of materials and processes are available for this form of sculpting or smithing. With the exception of the more plastic materials such as clay, all my other casting materials also exist in wire and sheet. i.e. silver, gold. The processes for fabrication I use most frequently are: sawing, drilling, dapping, soldering, (shaping sheets, forms, concave/convex) or die-forming a shape with a hydraulic press; soldering, welding, sanding; and applying a patina, and polishing.

The way I use the fabrication process it always produces a unique form, since with the hand-making process is never identical, only similar. The design, however, can be repeated with different stones, materials, finishes. Fabrication inherently creates original pieces as it is hands and, no two pieces are identical.

So Free and it feels so good
So Free and it feels so good