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Of all of the jewelry processes, lost wax casting is the one most frequently used in the designs of Linea Latina Arte ~ Carmen M. Perez. This process is different than fabrication because it permits a more sculptural outcome than fabrication processes. In the lost wax process one begins the design by carving or modeling in wax. Fabrication processes begin with sheet or wire metal.

Modeling in wax for jewelry and sculpture

The Lost Wax Process:

1.Carve and model wax positive.

2.Plaster mold is made of wax positive.

3.Mold with wax positive is then placed in the oven.

4.While in the oven, the wax design burns out of the plaster mold leaving a negative design.

5.Plaster mold with negative wax impression is placed in a casting machine.

6.Melted metal is shot into the mold.

7.When metal cools, it becomes solid.

8.Piece is broken out of the plaster mold.

9.Design is cleaned and polished.

A rubber mold can be made of the finished design from which multiples can be done in wax.