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Workshops and private jewelry classes
Course Overview:

This class is designed to teach a beginning student the basic principles of making beaded jewelry. Students will learn about the elements of design: color; balance; etc. and how the design elements assist them in expressing themselves. They will learn how their selection of materials, shapes, and jewelry findings all contribute to a satisfying and aesthetic product.

Weekly Outlines ~ Outcomes

1st session: Welcome, course introduction and overview.
Students will have an understanding of: the process of jewelry making using beads, wire, and findings; the safe and proper way of using jewelry making hand tools; the importance of knowing design elements in planning and constructing bead jewelry. They will learn sources for finding materials and supplies needed for next class session.

2nd session: Earring Project: Specific bead construction techniques and the use of findings will be taught and students will design and make a pair of earrings.

3rd session: Bracelet Project: Specific bead, finding, bead board and wire construction techniques will be taught and students will design and construct a bracelet.

4th session: Necklace Project: Specific bead, finding, bead board construction techniques will be taught and students will design and construct a necklace. Summary “Quiz” will be given.

Course Objectives and expected Student learning outcomes:

The purpose of this class is to teach at each session, specific bead jewelry making techniques and skills that can be used to complete a project. This class will empower students, and teach them how they could start their own hobby or small bead jewelry business with minimal supplies. Handouts of samples, patterns to follow, and samples of completed jewelry we will make in class will be provided. I will also show samples of jewelry made by other women designers.

Method of Assessment:

Students will complete a pair of earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace. There will be a class critique at the completion of each project to discuss how each student completed the assignment. There will be a final quiz on jewelry vocabulary and skills learned on the final session of class.

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